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SEA LEVEL RISE | Top Affected Cities Revealed in New Interactive Map

October 27, 2017

This new interactive map released by the Union of Concerned Scientists is an awesome (and sobering) tool. It features an arial view - down to individual neighborhoods - of how chronic flooding (aka, those not even caused by storms, but simply higher high tides from rising sea levels) will reach farther and farther inland. The initial map shows areas already affected today. Then you have the option of selecting how many degrees of warming occur over several different timelines to see how much the corresponding sea level rise will affect a particular area. Having already extensively interacted with this map, below I've listed a brief summary of some of the top affected places I found, but you should definitely try this tool out for yourself.


Top affected cities in the USA include:

- Charleston, SC

- Galveston County & Corpus Christi, TX

- Cape May & Meadowlands, NJ

- Miami & Key West, FL (but pretty much all of the Florida coast) 

- New Orleans, MI

- Boston, MA


Top affected cities in the world include:

- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

- Mumbai & Kolkata, India

- Bangkok, Thailand

- Shanghai, China

- Alexandria, Egypt

- Venice, Italy

- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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