Miami, FL & Washington, D.C. based artist Noel Kassewitz   |   |   © 2017 Noel Kassewitz

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Delving deep into scientific and metaphysical literature, I have resurfaced at the unlikely crossroads of theoretical quantum physics and eastern meditation dharma. Manifesting this new position through language and painting has been the focus of my creative research.


Quantum multiverse theory states ALL possible versions of the universe exist simultaneously, yet we can only be aware of one reality at a time. Meanwhile ancient meditative disciplines declare that the reality we live in is merely a construct of the mind and we can learn to access the reality we desire. 


My paintings depict gravitational forces attracting universal energies into a visible reality. Repetitive actions, such as mark making and paint layering, build upon themselves and are given life and substance. This coalescing of universal substance is reinforced by the “thin to thick” application of paint layers, giving a tangible physicality to the painted surface. Reoccurring rabbits, used for their many parallels to humanity, portray the anatomical idea of accumulating substances as fur builds upon flesh which builds upon bone and ultimately achieves physical embodiment.


I believe in humanity’s powerful ability to shape the reality we experience. The first step in this process is learning to focus through repetitive visualization. My hope is that my paintings represent the complex, intriguing, and sometimes trying process of developing these cognitive tools.