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FEMACULTURE, [2013-2014]

This series explores the interchangable nature of the female body and the landscape in our cultural psyche.
Multi-panel paintings juxtapose historical and contemporary approaches to the topic. One panel contains a classically referenced rendering of a female nude in nature, whose subjects have been inverted so that flesh replaces landscape and landscape replaces flesh. The other panel contains modern day brand names from fruit and vegetable crate labels, notorious for their "sex sells" mentality.
In these pairings, we see a continuum in our cultural psychology that pervades even now, after all this time.
In a certain set of the paintings, I wanted to explore the tactile components behind the interchangable nature of female flesh and the landscape in our cultural psyche. Using a layered process of pushing and pulling paint through canvas and burlap surfaces, the assigned boundaries between body and landscape, or lack there of, are called into question.