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As a third-generation Miami native, I realized no single image could capture the multi-faceted nuances of this city. Curious of just how many images it would take, the 100 Portraits of Miami Project was born: small scale 4"x4", (almost) daily watercolor paintings that documented this ever-changing city in all its glory, quirks, and down-right oddities.

I began my project on March 23rd and finished portrait 100 on August 9th, 2015. During these months, I became reacquainted with the city in ways I didn't expect. Despite having lived here for more than 20 years, there were many places I'd never visited before. Others were old favorites and paintings them was like capturing pieces of my childhood and storing them safely away from the bulldozers of time. Perhaps the greatest lesson imparted to me from this project though, was how to savor both the initial pains and ultimate joys of perseverance. 

In the manner of the transient people who inhabit this city, the watercolors only existed together for one fleeting, glorious moment before drifting apart to find homes in new unexplored places. This book documents that moment, when the one hundred paintings combined to offer us a complete "Portrait" of Miami.


Original paintings:

4"x4" watercolors & gouache

6"x6" Reeves BFK paper: gray


Limited Edition Artist Book of 100

8"x8" hardcover, 113 pages